Vishudha Spa

Relax …. Rebalance…Restore

“Vishudha” name of throat chakra which is located in the middle of throat meaning “Pure Place”. Energy source around its chakra provide clarity, purity and confidence. Based on this principle Vishudha Spa designed luxurious treatments which work holistically to nurture the skin and enhance overall wellbeing. This experience is nourishing, emotionally uplifting and delivers digestive benefits to help you relax deeply through Full body massage, Facials, Body treatments. Every treatment is designed with the concept By Prajakta Paranjapye (Spa Consultant), that the Body’s own energy is the natural source of healing and wellbeing. Vishudha specific essential oil blend is measure tool which help to restore and rebalance the vital energy system in the body. This creates state of deep relaxation by calming nervous system. Our team of professional massage therapist employ variety of techniques to promotes relaxation relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

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